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We must of been half way through the session when I turn to the Mom; Lily and finally blurted out…“OK, how do I know you?”. We went through the typical answers..high school, work places etc but nothing was adding up. Then during a feeding break we decided to see if Facebook could tell us the answer by showing us if we have mutual friends. Thank you creepy Facebook, you have solved the mystery and I can sleep soundly this evening. It was nice to see we are connected and how small our can be.


Look at those lips!

chung blog

Vicki knew right away she wanted this hanging image in her collection of portraits. I can’t always guarantee a pose will work out but over the moon when it does.
These artistic images are always done with the babies saftey as a priority. Dads hand never leaves the bottom of the pouch and it is digitally removed in post. 

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I first met Courtney and Andrew back in 2010 when I captured their wedding, then again in 2012 when I captured their first born…and now they have one more! So wonderful to be a part of this new chapter. jarman blog

f a c e b o o k
i n s t a g r a m
p i n t e r e s t
t w i t t e r