Newborn Prep Guide

The Studio
The Studio has a comfortable area to sit, relax and enjoy coffee, tea and refreshments while you wait for your portrait moments. It is heated to a toasty level so that your newborn is comfortable when naked or lightly wrapped. There is a television in the seating are you can watch or use to entertain any older children. The studio is equipped with a fully stocked change table as well as props, baskets, wraps, hats hair ties and more.

Sleepy and recently fed babies cooperate better. It is best to try and arrive at the studio before a feeding so that baby can be full and sleepy for majority of the session. This isn’t always possible, especially for those of you with a longer travel time so don’t worry if timing doesn’t work out as planned as feed when required.

When Babies Arrives
Text or call me directly at 289-325-0589 or send me an email to let me know your little one has entered the world. Once a date has been selected you will receive a confirmation email as well small checklist of items to bring.  All newborn are scheduled during the week and begin at 10am (if a weekend is required please let me know well in advance).

What to expect during your session
Your newborn is still adjusting to all the new surroundings and so to keep baby calm and sleepy I may have you nurse more than usual. I do ask that you bring along a pacifier to your session. I understand that not every parent approves of the use, but it really can help soothe the baby in small spurts when posing. The best brand to use is the green tinted round ones. I also have packaged ones at the studio just in case.

What to Wear

Keep it Simple!

Most couples tend to lean towards white, black or gray tones. These are classic and beautiful tones that will never have you saying “why did I wear that”. Even though they are a good staple tone to start with, feel free to throw in a little colour if you’d like, but skip the busy patterns! Patterns can be distracting and we want to keep the focus on your new addition.
Once you have decided on a tone – stay within it.


Mommas: I recommend cotton knit fabrics. Tank top, long sleeve, v neck and deep crew neck shirts are all flattering pieces. Avoid short sleeves and high crew neck shirts though.  Tighter is better and it is recommend that you find your outfit before your due date. This avoids trying to shop for an outfit while tending to a newborn. I’m also a “less is more” so if you like we can shoot skin on skin or I have a variety of soft materials and dresses you can use here in the studio.
Dads: Long or short sleeved knits are best. Make sure your outfit is also more fitted than baggy.  Shirtless is an option and highly enforced if I find out you have arm sleeve of tattoos.

Your background for your portraits will be based on the tones you bring to the session. Dark with dark. Light with light.

lastly; your hands are a big part of the session, so it’s important that you tend to them. Clear polish or light colour is best. I also find this is a perfect excuse to get yourself a little pampered and go for a manicure so go and spoil yourself.

New clothing: please remember to toss it in the wash to remove the creases. Wrinkles also show up in photos, so please make sure all clothing is ironed.

Sibling shots take a lot of planning and patience.  It’s a great idea to practice at home!  For really littles ones, I have them lie on their back with heads together or I will put baby in a prop with a sibling next to it.  Parent are often on the side spotting the process so everyone is safe!

As mentioned above I do have a TV in the seating area that older siblings can use for entertainment while they are not in portraits but it would be best to pack a bag with and ipad, colouring and age suitable snacks.

Avoid sugary brides during the session as this can turn sideways and become our worst nightmare of negotiations with a toddler. 

Your baby will not need clothing as they will spend most of the session in wraps, or in the buff… Which brings me to my next point – Extra change of shirt or pants for Mom & Dad is strongly suggested!


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